Chatting with Artie Lange

Art Direction: Ryan Olbrysh at the Las Vegas Weekly

Art Direction: Ryan Olbrysh at the Las Vegas Weekly

A spot illustration of Artie Lange who was performing in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel adn Casino at the time.

The article contains quotable gems like this one, “I had a bad cocaine problem in the ’90s. The last five years have been heroin. Opiates and booze.”

Some time after this illustration, he attempted to commit suicide for drug addiction-related issues.

Book Monkey

Client: Las Vegas Weekly Art Direction: Benjamen Purvis

This was a pretty straightforward project—a chimpanzee thoughtfully reading a book. The only request was that I leave ample space for typography.

Bill Gates

Back in February 2009, Bill Gates unleashed a swarm of mosquitoes at a TED conference in California. It was apparently a noble effort to highlight the dangers of malaria. It scared the (mostly rich and famous) attendees and resulted in my receiving an illustration assignment from Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, so all’s well that ends well!

Art Director: Benjamen Purvis for Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Art Director: Benjamen Purvis for Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Credit for this spot should actually go to Benjamen Purvis. Ben has a splendid website and blog. Check it out!

bill gates tearsheet

The Morning After

Here is a cover I recently illustrated for The Capitol Magazine. It’s always a nice feeling to have a cover illustration, so a hearty “thank you” goes to Managing Editor, Andrew Hawkins.

The Capitol

Trump Card

Trump Card

Client: City Hall Magazine

Here is a spot I for an article in City Hall Magazine written by Andrew J. Hawkins titled, “Trump Card” Mr. Hawkins writes, “Could the Donald run competitively in New York? Not until he kisses the ring.”

A Modest Proposal

I contributed an illustration to a story in Vegas Seven Magazine written by Douglas Unger. It is titled, “A Modest Proposal.” In it is a solution to UNLV’s financial woes—Mr. Unger proposes to sell the University of Nevada Las Vegas to China.